I Love you. I Love you with every swirling bit of my matter and mind.
Meeting you; fearing and Loving; sharing this ride; and seeing places I thought only existed in tantalizing daydream, has been liberating beyond compare.
I haven’t felt this way since we hung—suspended and dispersed—in an iridescent river of twilight and pulsating infinity.
I’ve known all along that you’re precariously perched between fear and loathing—straddling love and contempt. I see you struggling to keep your grip on O’Ryan’s belt while scorching yourself with tempered, blue flames. I see that with great adoration for your strength and acknowledgement for your pain.
There is a light that you seek within a vastness which is too great to for a tangibly-tuned brain to comprehend. You believe your eternal plight must be spent mourning an abandonment that you cannot see; taste; or hear.
So, you loosen your grip in the notch I’ve hastily tried to swaddle you within. And, I find myself suffocating you further—despite my most pure and true intentions.

…It’s just…I truly believed us to be doing the universe good; I truly do believe that we are a gift—in every sense. With you, I have a partner to help me raise a dipper for our fellow voyagers. With the constellations, poised to pour, we may ladle our neighbors the sweetest and most surreal existence that this galaxy has yet to meet.
But, you have been slipping away…wearing ever-so subtly at my confidence and clouding my view with cantankerous drapery—cut from the cloth of separation. 
I cannot tell myself I will be okay hunkering back down where I can no longer lay; I cannot take myself through the torment of conformity and hellish whip of denial…because I am meant to remind you of what an existence outside of fear can hold.
I will always Love you, but I need to keep going.
And, I cannot help but applaud you for pushing on…because we need you too.
Even if you don’t see it, you will one day soon.
You are a cosmic knight and a darling depiction of ourselves, our universe—telling us all that we are, indeed, going the right way. 

As we soar through unending canyons of murky stardust and easy consciousness—void of oxygen and segregation—it is easy for us to get caught up in the inability to find some semblance of expectation.
But, I will tell you a secret; In this ever-expanding unknown, the light we covet is nothing more than a measurement of cosmic relief.
Starfeckles, you are as light as the atoms riding through your veins—light as the resurrected matter that compiles these fleshy, celestial art cars of laughter and pain.

This is a weightlessness that washes over your infinite and unlocked soul. It is the rush of freedom and denouncement of time and space. It is the harmonic beauty in the big, brown Love-lamps that I will always keep fondly lit on the dock, in the pier of my heart, so that pieces of us will always ride waves of limitlessness…so that we can always call to one another to find our way home—into an infinite.
I will always Love you. A part of me will always be twirling for you—hoping you’ll be there on my second pirouette around the sun.
But, I can’t do this to you; I can’t stop bleeding soon enough to help rather than hinder.
And, No matter what, even after all of this, even though I appear to be another poem in your pocket, I will never wish this hadn’t happened.
I LOVE and that Love asks that you do not let my suffering be in vain.
Take up council with your higher self and dust off the dancing shoes you had forsaken in the alleyway of your ego. Cha-cha this solo council around the floor of compassion; come back to us as the practiced and proudly tattered hero I know you to be. Help us mend the bruises we have all inflicted along the way.

You’re going to be okay. I’ll see you again someday, on the corner of Cloud nine and Sunshine—where you imprinted the night’s freckles into my chest. And, here, I will always cherish the twinkle reflecting from my heart in your eyes.

Honeysuckle (B.B.)

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troughtonmedia asked: What does Namaste mean without me googling it myself?

I recognize the place in you that lives in me. I am of you, and you are of me. And, this light we see, reflected within one another, is but a twinkle of cosmic energy. It is the acknowledgement of singularity.
It is the root of understanding everything without hearing anything and knowing nothing.

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My friend just broke up with his girl. He rang me—feeling all kinds of uncomfortable; I sent him this after I had been binging on Ram Dass literature all day:

The thing is, is that this thing you two shared was rooted in time. Time is rooted in impermanence. But, time passes and so will this pain because that pang you feel is nothing more than a product of lessons that we all HAVE to learn. Learn and love. Heal yourself and let us comfort you. I promise that it’s okay. Don’t close off.
A love worth someone like you and whomever is out there waiting for you, goes deeper than time. It just is. It doesn’t stop over expanses of time and space. It doesn’t seek to fulfill you. But, rather, it promises to compliment each partner as they spiral deep into synchronicity.

And, to all of my friends; partners; family; and all of those to come: I love you. Your beauty is timeless. No matter where we are in life, you’ll always ring true.


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You are on the path to a liberated existence; don’t stop here.


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An eternal student and compassionate, universal observer, you are the makings of love.
Thanks for being here with us.


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An inexplicably strange subconscious reflection of mother cosmos in it’s dense, wild state—derived straight from untamed wilderness.
There are wicked thoughts of revenge twinkling—cackling—with a terrifying luster in the bulbs planted patiently into your luminous skeletal donation.
I can see you longing to devour the flames that tempt us into savage anarchy and unprecedented destruction.
I can see you pawing at perfection—the kind that only unfolds with unvarnished honesty and liberated intellect.
We run through maze and chemical with our blazing whip of illumination and peel back curtains of separation, segregation, stratification, and globalization with a piercing lash of love and compassion. After we feast upon the unbridled knowledge of singularity, we will ascend to the unified, and cosmic self—fortified with our timeless response to an unending query: Love.
I am an international, intergalactic being of random and intentional space matter that comes to you with gratitude for your journey over to our oxygen-riddled home. And, from my humbled soapbox of shaky awareness, I beg you to sit with me.
Sit within yourself and let our energy embrace the celestial sensation of interconnectivity.
Sit within your lust for manifestation that we so proudly bare within the folds of skywards turned lip and deeply dented dimple.
Sit within your own beauty and with ours.
Sit in love and bask in the universal glow that drapes itself across nebulae and whisks itself through fiery tales of meteorites.
Sit within me, and I will hold you for eternity. And, so shall we be.


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Kiss consciousness and eradicate wild altruism.
It’s for the love; it’s for the ever-plunging infinite.
All of the pieces you dismiss—all of the broken bits we salvage—are profound exclamations of fluttering, flirtatious eternity playing fleetingly within our collective.
I call you to me the same way I draw your presence to a standstill and eyes to a close.
My ringtone (procured from deep prana and an inferno of lustful intention) strives to rattle the displaced heart strings you work so fiercely to disown.
I savor every last drop of your prolific profession—a steady, congealed, and cosmic representation of incompressible intellect—so that I might reproduce a rhythm as high as yours.
Where we shake—where we radiate penetrating blackness—is a bulb sitting patiently atop a stem of gratitude that digs compliantly into roots riddled with enlightenment and nourished in illumination.
This blossom shall, again, dutifully carry the pollen of intoxicating surrealism and populate our lungs with laughter as we propel ourselves off of the humble, earth-baked soil.


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I’ve always said, “I wish to be your dance partner—not your choreographer.”
I love you and, therefore, I want you to be happy in whatever way happiness calls you.
No matter what, you should never let any kind of “ship” cap your love. Love can be shared in an endless number of ways; it is not limited to physical expression. Always give love—give compassion. That is what free love is all about. I love you even if I don’t know you and no “ship” should ever challenge us to forfeit our humanity.
Think about ways you can deconstruct constructions and live in love the way that makes sense for you. You do not have to listen to what society tells you.
Question everything. Love endlessly.


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everythinginits-right-place asked: namaste c:

Namaste <3

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I am you, and you are me.
As the stars are of your smile,
so too is the sun of the sea.
As a thought-forming; limb-baring; and mouth-wielding creature of enormously small proportions, I am driven.
Driven to live as a momentary stroke of cosmic genius and play in the universal radiance of singularity.
Playfully splashing in a shallow temple of blood and bone, our mind teetering on the edge of unknown galactic depths, we rock ourselves upward into an awakening.
In the black expanse of meteor showers; nebulas; and infinitely unfolding thought, each creation propels us forth into new dimensions of irrepressible beauty—a resplendency manifesting from the collective consciousness’s vast and exquisitely sensual imagination.
We, you, me, he, she, it, they dive further through newfound canyons of love and wild, untamed peaks of celestial liberation.
And, as your eyes soak in the fabric of atoms and stardust that cradle each bit of this ride, I find similar sensations in the beat of my heart; in intertwined fingers and tangled limbs; in breath.
Blaze the way with me, starfreckles.

Because, with this love, we remain pioneers of our own Unknown.


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There are prolific qualities that you possess, and there are ones I do not yet/may never comprehend. I do not think myself to be a professor of enlightenment nor a chieftain of awareness who may find herself permitted to take a cursory review of the practices your personality employs. But, I am an observer; just as the stars and trees sit patiently within their own existence, so shall I strive to be a place of calm where the universe may reflect upon itself with both twinkling wonder and sharp darkness. I welcome the storm as I welcome the sun, and I writhe in social estrangement—occasionally beating myself with fears of eternal alienation.
Out of the fabric of daydream, you begged heightened presence and seduced my hunger for all things Uknown. You befriended my solidarity and demolished my nightmares. You set flame to my life in ways I thought I could only imagine. You have taught me the weight of the unveiled present and shown me the enveloping warmth of cosmic-love. The power of singularity stems from your twinkling wonder and deep, pulsating existence. You are the universe radicalizing our intangible-thought-ridden temples and showing us what our love can do.
Go forth and live in love—no matter where that may lead you—because I cannot hinder you. Even if it destroys me to know that my presence is no longer beneficial to who you are and what you must do, I know that your love should not be hurt by mine. Parts of me want to beg you to stay. But, instead, the whole of me wants to beg you to be happy. As much as I hope that is with me, I will always wish your soul well above all else. You are the essence of goodness. And, to rid the world of your vibration would be the worst crime against all that is to ever be committed.

I love you so much.


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I’ll walk with you, and we will plunge into the depths of infinite love. We will journey home—hand in hand, soul in soul, and light in light.
It is past the edge of compliance; fear; and reason, that we find the luminous; stable; and penetrating radiance of impermanence.
I love you. I love you more thank ink and shallow screens can ever hope to express, and it’s exciting.
Your beauty is untamed; and, your love is fertile, cosmic fuel. Your sky is a looking-glass and your smile, our cosmic spaceship.
Thank you a thousand lightyears, lifetimes, and suns over. I love you.


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sassy carl sagan

Just because I had to

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If they were to look directly into the twilight beaming from your big brown love lamps, they would know what it means to be blinded by love.


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